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Jointly build a community with a shared future for the wool spinning industry. Prospects for the 30th China International Wool Spinning Conference

by:Chengyi     2021-03-15
From September 11th to September 13th, the 30th China International Wool Spinning Conference, sponsored by China Wool Textile Industry Association, China State Investment International Trade Co., Ltd. and undertaken by Nanjing Wool Market, will be held in Nanjing, Jiangsu. What are the key issues that the industry will focus on at this conference? What are the new highlights that are different from previous sessions? Along with the process of reform and opening up, the 30th China International Wool Spinning Conference has been held. What are the changes? What results have been achieved? With these questions, a reporter from 'China Textile News' interviewed Yang Xiaoxiong, chairman of Nanjing Wool Market. Yang Xiaoxiong first introduced the changes in the theme of this year’s conference. She told reporters: “Whether it is overseas merchants, traders, downstream fabric companies, and apparel companies, everyone is in the common destiny of the wool industry. Everyone should advance and retreat together. Win-win cooperation. Based on this starting point, we set the theme of this year's conference as 'Building a community with a shared future for the wool spinning industry.' '   As an international conference, the 30th China International Wool Spinning Conference will increase the promotion of finished products. 'We hope that overseas merchants and traders who come to the conference will promote the current results of finished products overseas.' Yang Xiaoxiong said. 'Judging from the current registration situation, the number of applicants has increased. The biggest change this year is reflected in the more active participation of foreign businessmen. In order to ensure that South African wool suppliers participate in the 30th China International Wool Spinning Conference, the South African auction market has cancelled September The wool auction on the 11th, and asked about the date of the 31st China International Wool Spinning Conference held in 2019. It is planned to stagger the time when compiling the catalog at the end of the year to facilitate the participation of suppliers. Because the China International Wool Spinning Conference has achieved very good results over the years As a result, the number of registered companies for finished products has increased significantly this year. This is also a concrete manifestation of the results of last year's Wool Spinning Conference 'opening up the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain'.' Yang Xiaoxiong said when introducing the registration situation. The wool spinning industry is a relatively small industry. At present, the global wool production is declining, and wool products are gradually becoming a luxury item. Under the background of such macro factors, the significance of the China International Wool Spinning Conference has become more prominent, as an international conference to promote wool to the world , The role is getting bigger and bigger. Yang Xiaoxiong said: 'With the reform and opening up, the world has become more and more aware of China. China is no longer just a processing power. The progress in science and technology is obvious to all. In recent years, the combination of wool and modern science and technology industries has achieved very good results. This is an effect that is inseparable from reform and opening up.” When talking about the topics of this conference, Yang Xiaoxiong said: “Foreign businessmen are more interested in the promotion of finished products, so this conference will design topics for the promotion of finished products. At the same time, for To jointly create a healthy business environment, the discussion of integrity issues will also be the focus of this conference. At present, we are conducting an annual review of integrity companies. In addition, this conference will also discuss the price of raw materials. This year, the price of wool is extremely hot. The two-day situation, on the one hand, the price of fine wool is only rising but not falling; on the other hand, the market demand for coarse wool is still sluggish, so we will set up a special debate on the rise and fall of fine wool. At that time, many industry messages will be delivered at the debate, and we hope that people in the industry can pay attention to it.” When introducing the situation of the wool industry in the first half of the year, Yang Xiaoxiong analyzed that because fine wool has been in the channel of price increases, the price will be high afterwards. It will have a certain impact on the future demand for finished products, leading the market to not know how to digest prices. The environmental protection problem in the first half of the year was very prominent, and the downstream production of the industry was not too smooth, so the next market situation remains to be seen. Article keywords:  Wool Spinning International Wool Spinning Conference Nanjing Wool Market
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