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Jize county in hebei province won the title of 'China textile city' - Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-07-08
The Great Wall network - handan August 30 ( Reporter Zhang Lin correspondent MuLiYun genesis lee) Recently, back to the good news from xinjiang urumqi, jize was awarded the title of 'China textile city', in hebei province is the only company won the title of the county. It is reported that this year on August 25, China cotton textile industry cluster meeting in xinjiang urumqi, at the meeting, the county was awarded the 'China textile city' title. The county textile industry originated in the 1980 s, is one of the four major industries of county economy, after 30 years of development, the existing cotton, spinning, weaving, home textile, garment processing enterprises 162, including air spinning production line more than 450, ring spun 120000 ingot, the equivalent of 1. 4 million pounds of ring spun yarn. In recent years, the county attaches great importance to the development of textile industry, especially attaches great importance to the traditional rotor spinning enterprise upgrading, equipment for all the Titan, hair, fine work, live, rieter advanced models, such as the rapid growth of the industry equipment level up, increasing the production efficiency. Spinning enterprises at present, the county has 116, annual output of 6 - 32 airflow yarn 150000 tons, accounting for 15% of the national similar products, 40 - 80 ring spinning products, 30000 tons of cotton processing, fabric, home textile and garment enterprises, 46, with an annual output of 90 million meters of cloth billet. The county the honored, will further enhance the chickens, ze yarn, weaving and other textile products in the domestic and international market competitiveness.
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