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JingHe county: hold up half the sky of the industrial economy - the textile industry Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-07-01
On May 12, the reporter entered the JingHe county industrial park ze hui textile co. , LTD processing workshops, 4 domestic advanced automated production line is running at full speed. Construction of workshop director zhang said: 'we mainly produces OE21 branch of cotton yarn, processing 3600 tons of cotton yarn. Now processing cotton 10 tons a day. 'Relying on local resources advantage, ze hui textile co. , LTD in the aspects of raw materials, capital, technology, talent, under the support of expanding in the field of textile products terminal market landscape. 'The company introduced the most advanced Germany gives live steam flow cup spinning, the spinning machine has high safety coefficient, spinning the characteristics of fast speed, high output, is good for low-level cotton and recycled cotton spun, which can effectively reduce the production of raw materials and artificial cost and improve the efficiency of the enterprise. 'Ze hui textile co. , LTD. , chairman Yang day quinlan said. In 2019, ze hui textile co. , LTD. Annual output value of 67. 97 million yuan, from January to April this year the total output value reached 17. 61 million yuan, during the period of epidemic prevention and control, the company discontinued a month, is expected to 2020 annual output value in 60 million yuan. In order to break the outbreak of the economic downward pressure, the challenge of coping with factor resources JingHe county based on the situation of the county, the county government, many measures simultaneously, twist the industrial chain, clever use of various policy measures, use local policy visible hand regulating the invisible hand of the market, to return to work and production enterprises, help enterprises to spend the difficulties. 'This year, in order to help enterprises to develop the economy, we start to implement the responsibility to the people, the enterprise package to determine park cadres' one-on-one 'and' one to many 'in helping 63 enterprises, actively assist the textile enterprises to apply for the 'four cost a total of 693. 30000 yuan, 178 new jobs and pre-service training subsidies. In the first quarter of 70000 yuan, charges, freight subsidies of 11. 59 million yuan, social security and enjoy all kinds of textile apparel enterprises related fee reductions amounted to 232. 970000 yuan. 'Economic development bureau chief Meng Li JingHe county industrial park management committee said. JingHe county in recent years, according to the 'build chain, extending chain and chain' thinking big efforts to promote transformation and upgrading of textile industry, focus on creating trillion level of modern textile industry cluster, to cultivate a batch of domestic textile backbone enterprises and leading enterprises, supporting the JingHe county industrial economy up half the sky. From January to April this year, including ze hui textile JingHe county 11 house rules on textile and apparel enterprises to complete the industrial added value 45. 81 million yuan, accounting for the county on the gauge enterprises more than 31% of the industrial added value, are an important force in industrial economy of the county.
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