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Jinfu special yarn industry in 2018 in xinjiang - specialization, 'new' small and medium-sized enterprises (smes) Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated

by:Chengyi     2020-06-25
To guide smes to the direction of specialization, refinement, characterization, innovative development, the enhancement enterprise's capacity for independent innovation and core competitiveness, the autonomous region since 2016, the implementation of 'specialization, the new' determination of small and medium-sized enterprises management, rich special yarn industry have been approved in the autonomous region in 2018, specialization, 'new' small and medium enterprises to date, development zone, a total of seven companies were included in the autonomous region 'specialization, the new' list of small and medium-sized enterprises. Jinfu special yarn industry with a total investment of 3. 5 billion yuan, the construction investment and 40 sets of 250 sets of air spinning machine and vortex spinning machine, has formed the spinning ability of 1. 5 million pounds, with an annual output of 180000 tons of yarn, used in knitting, weaving and home textile products, to project, after comprehensively, can form sales output value 4. 5 billion yuan, will become the largest production base of air spinning. At present, the enterprise has won the 'bucket transport device national utility model patent certificate', 'excellent new product (autonomous region 30 vortex spinning viscose yarn) Second prize 'and' autonomous region enterprise technology center ', etc. Autonomous region of specialization, 'new' small and medium-sized enterprise must be in accordance with annual revenue of 10 million yuan of above, two main business revenue growth of no less than 15% on average, development prospect is good, has the good economic and social benefits and strong social influence, and implements the dynamic management, valid for three years, to review once every three years, the autonomous region of access 'specialization, the new' enterprise, will integrate the related public service resources, priority given to cultivate support and recommend the country, the autonomous region of small and medium-sized enterprise development special funds, funds, policy support, etc. Development zone by the bureau has always been committed to innovation and development concept, promote the development of industrial convergence, improving the quality of industry, promote the sound and rapid economic development of the development zone, priority of enterprise services in the economy, increase the cultivation of micro, small and medium enterprises, and guide the traditional advantage industry to high, refined, sharp, deep to speed up the transformation. Autonomous region at the present stage for agricultural and sideline products production and processing of micro, small and medium enterprises to implement 'specialization, the new small and medium-sized enterprises (smes) innovation service voucher' project funding, with is actively support the organization of specialization, 'new' eligible for declaration enterprises do a good job in project subsidy funds to declare in the future, will also further strengthen enterprise research, timely grasp the dynamic enterprise development, to guide more small and medium-sized enterprises taking the path of specialization, the new development, continuously improve enterprise core competitiveness, promote the small and medium-sized enterprises to speed up structural adjustment and transformation and upgrading.
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