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by:Chengyi     2020-06-24
The spotlight, lithe and graceful body appearance model in various knitted clothing on the catwalk, all show new season fashion colour. And general runway, a few days ago, in such a fashion capital of Shanghai show is not held by the clothing enterprises, the organizers are zhejiang new Macao textile co. , LTD. The company site issued 2019/2020 autumn and winter wool knitting yarn color, knitting pattern structure and the latest development of yarn products. This is the fourth year in a row, new Australian textile joint excellent domestic knitting designer team will knitting fashion colour research work from behind the scenes to the front. A yarn enterprise located in the industrial chain source why do popular release? 'Released by yarn, knitted fashion colour, provide better material for designer clothing design, so as to promote industrial chain better. 'Zhejiang textile co. , LTD. , chairman of the new Australia jian-hua shen said the new Australia hope that through the form of a product launch, give full play to the functions of yarn, knitted fashion prediction, also hope that the yarn enterprises strengthen the exchanges and communication with the downstream brands, to promote the market better development. In the textile industry on the development of new high quality journey today, chung fu textile enterprises are awakening fashion sense of smell, by linking the pace of the fashion industry to speed up the transformation and upgrading. Innovation is the key factor of the fashion. Since the founding of new Australian textile, has been committed to the production and research and development of worsted yarn, the product brand, marketing, corporate responsibility has made great breakthroughs, innovation is the new Australia has for years been stick to quality. Earlier this year, the new Australian textile spinning workshop formally put into production, new subsidiary, completed the 'annual output of 15000 tons of wool dyeing relocation project'. At the same time, the new Australian textile of European technology, development and sales center project is pushing. In the future, new Australia will in capacity expansion and marketing to the next level. In terms of products, the new Australian textile holds on the idea of sustainable development and innovation, through the analysis of market research and consumer behavior, research and development of colour experts invited Italy fashion colour, set up a new Australian unique knitting fashion colour system, providing customers with the most handy tool design, so as to meet the needs of rapid response. At the same time, the new Australian textile market demand for studying spinning technology and craft, combine wool and functional textile material, develop the green environmental protection and cultural fashion, warm and comfortable and a variety of functions of knitting, weaving yarn. On the way to link the fashion industry, the new Australian textile is not alone. To be held in September 2018 the Shanghai international exhibition on the autumn/winter yarns, ding in zhejiang textile co. , LTD. , the booth before the merchants in an endless stream, the company introduced a Modern50 % mercerized merino wool, 50% cotton products, Cashtouch100 % mercerizing superfine merino wool products, Sera100 % TEC merino wool and other new season products. The relevant person in charge of the company, said every company adhere to product innovation, research and development of new products, in February this year also attended to be held in the city of Paris fashion and design of the third SPINEXPOTM Paris show, Spring and summer) , the company launched four main spring/summer yarn for added a lot when the exhibition to highlight. Injected with different fashion to chung fu textile industry on the development of the fast lane. The reporter understands, 1 to August, the town textile industry output value up to 60. 2. 2 billion yuan, rose 16. 5%.
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