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Jiangyin with: the transformation from the wool spinning center - fashion town Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-06-25
Epicenter wide net jiangyin on December 5th message ( Rp great jiangyin Taiwan Sun Jing Jing) According to the voice of China 'news and the newspaper' report, jiangyin city, jiangsu province, with 40 years of reform and opening-up, as a town of dimension, succeeded in producing three listed companies in China, a number of renowned at home and abroad clothing brand, become a famous jiangnan 'wool spinning of the township'. Frances chan: this thirty years, the development of technology and management level of ascension really has changed. Frances chan, chairman of jiangsu sunshine group is speaking. More than 30 years ago, she was with an ordinary textile factory. Riding the tide of reform and opening up, the sunshine group started with 3 sets of spinning machine, successfully created the industry only with 'the world famous brand' signboard 'export exempted from inspection' two pieces of the listed companies. 1 gram of sheep wool spinning out of the 500 - meter - long yarn 'black' of science and technology is to let the international counterparts. Frances chan: this is intelligent production clothing shop, consumers in stores the measured well, his needs and information through the network to the factory. Like the American consumer customer orders to the garment factory, only need a week's time. Characterized by township and county collective economy, through the development of township enterprises to realize the development of non-agricultural 'southern jiangsu model'. The model took a critical step in China's rural development and farmers to get rich. A batch of well-known clothing brand, the birth of 'the hometown of wool spinning' with sea rings group is one of them. In 2017, the sea rings home brand, high on the top of Chinese garment enterprises of sales and profits, fully open the road of internationalization. Hai zhou, founder of the large-scale group: let's China's garment industry better, more early, more stability to the world, for we Chinese clothing production country to clothing production power, brand power. In 2017, with 18. 6 billion yuan of GDP, rural residents per capita disposable income of more than 46000 yuan. In the future, plan with total investment of more than 80 one hundred million yuan, to build a collection of wool clothing production, research and development sales, high-end tourism, film and television cultural creativity in one of the characteristics of small town, with secretary of the party committee Gu Wenyu said, global transformation of tourism is becoming a new breakthrough. Gu Wenyu: we want to build international fashion life of tourism destination, to build the global tourism demonstration town in the country.
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