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Jiangsu sea companies: build in Tanzania - cotton industry chain Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-06-20
By the sea in jiangsu province enterprises in Tanzania cotton region in northwestern shinyo honk investment of the construction of jiangsu province - Shinyo honk NongGongMao modern industrial park after more than three years of operation, has been built in Tanzania's largest spinning production base, and actively create to cotton as the source of the whole industry chain development. Tanzania is one of the important countries in eastern Africa, as well as in jiangsu province for the capacity of the key areas of cooperation, rich agricultural resources, huge space for development. Industrial park will be relying on advanced technology and equipment in China, the implementation of cotton cultivation, seed processing, spinning, weaving and other relatively complete industrial chain development, at the same time supporting farm machinery promotion, agricultural technology training and breeding projects such as oil, MianBing feed on cotton to build modern NongGongMao park, to the much starker choices-and graver consequences-in enterprise group internationalization strategy during the period of 'four east' layout, to drive the jiangsu enterprises into Africa to provide strong support. Industrial park covers an area of about 450000 square meters, with an annual output value of nearly $40 million, the current absorbed more than 400 residents of Tanzania's employment, and there are more than 30 Chinese employees working in this life. The textile enterprises of the zoo ( Tanzania) As BCI (co. , LTD. Swiss association for the advancement of good cotton) The member units, use Tanzania organic cotton with high quality and advanced textile equipment, 16 - year production 28 a fancy yarn of nearly ten thousand tons, products sell well in the Chinese market since early in 2015 formally put into production. Sea union agricultural development (of the zoo Tanzania) Co. , LTD. , by the sea enterprise group and jiangsu mediatek group cooperation, cotton research institute, Chinese academy of agricultural sciences experts invitation, since November 2015 in shinyo ga province cotton cultivation experiments, after two years of efforts in such aspects as the quality and yield increase achieved ideal results. In addition, campus and cottonseed oil, feed production, logistics, transportation and other enterprises in the province, with cotton cultivation, processing as the core of popularizing agricultural technique training and agricultural machinery work since the second half of 2017, also popular. Park comprehensive supporting facilities are complete, the Chinese people living areas in addition to the dining room, small restaurant, bathroom, activity room, garden, also with the installation of the generators and water purification, and realizing a complete coverage of the wireless network. The comprehensive office building in the reception site is the best of the local conditions, can accommodate nearly 200 people for meetings, training. In recent years, the park's public diplomacy work carried out under the guidance of my embassy in Tanzania to life. In addition to hold free and practical training, but also under the condition of its local school laboratory, the desks and chairs, giving local villages seeds, and some of the municipal infrastructure of small tools, praised by shinyo honk the government and the public. The sides of the concern and support and the sea in the person's unremitting efforts, jiangsu - Shinyo honk NongGongMao modern industrial park in May 2016 the financial department of jiangsu province and department of commerce approved as provincial overseas industrial concentration area, in July 2017 by the Chinese ministry of agriculture approved the first ten national foreign cooperative agricultural demonstration zone, one of which is outside the park only in jiangsu province was selected. In October 2016, on the basis of the park, by the sea enterprise group, to build the business hall, changzhou city, jiangsu province government established in jiangsu province economic and trade office in Tanzania, park in dar es salaam, director of the office as executive on behalf of, the first is the second home in Africa in jiangsu province economic and trade office.
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