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Jian-yun yu: intelligent manufacturing - how to develop the textile industry innovation Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-06-24
Today, sponsored by the China cotton textile industry association, '2018 China cotton and fifth session of the fourth member of enlargement' was held in Shanghai. Chinese Academy of Engineering jian-yun yu invited to 'intelligent manufacturing promote the textile industry innovation and development', from intelligent manufacture promote textile innovation development, smart key development areas, textile scheme to build intelligent manufacturing system, intelligent and several key to making the four aspects of the textile industry of intelligent manufacturing are introduced. Yu academician in German industrial 4 in the first place. 0 and 2025 introduces the background of intelligent manufacturing made in China. Think of lean manufacturing, intelligent manufacturing from efficient manufacturing, flexible manufacturing, services, manufacturing and green manufacturing provides a new momentum for the development of textile and garment industry. Yu academicians think intelligent textile manufacturing key development areas should be mainly carried out from four aspects: the first is the textile intelligent optimization, purpose is to improve product quality, improve the total factor productivity, the development of flexible manufacturing capacity. The second is the size of the textile and apparel customization, the purpose is to adapt to the change of consumer demand, improve product added value, enhance the brand influence. The third is the coordination of textile and apparel manufacturing, purpose is the production of comprehensive interconnection, lean production and agile manufacturing, energy saving, consumption reduction, reduction in the process of manufacturing. The fourth is to develop key technologies including sensor technology, the digital identification technology, Wi - Fi technology, Web technology, big data technology. Textile scheme of intelligent manufacturing system and should according to the technology base, digital and network, the implementation of the intelligent path. Intelligent textile factory should include production equipment, production management, data collection, data management, data analysis, industry development, etc. The last member of yu think smart textile enterprises manufacturing has six key points, a progressive, do not lose time to promote the development of intelligent manufacturing. 2 it is for real, China's manufacturing industry is still in the 'industry 2. 0 'in the late stage of development, but also need to have a lot of work to do. The third is the core of intelligent manufacturing key is digital, network and intelligent manufacturing. The fourth is to support the business intelligence manufacturing value itself of innovation, and help enterprises to promote business transformation and upgrade, enterprises as the main body, promote intelligent manufacturing should be practical and realistic to explore their transformation and upgrading of technology path. Fifth, the business should be digital, to the enterprise manufacturing resources, business processes, supply chain management of various digital status information. And at the same time data business, to the depth of the data analysis and mining, seek to optimize manufacturing process. The sixth is to attach great importance to the people, should further enhance the quality of the Chinese industrial workers, especially have the KNOW - HOW people.
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