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by:Chengyi     2020-07-11
Rabobank international well-known investment Banks, according to the agricultural outlook report 2017 of cotton is one of the best investments for 2018 soft commodities, price movements more bullish than before, ranked third in all agricultural products, second only to corn and pigs. 'Bank predicts, because outside of 2017 year China stock rose more than 1000 packages, in the fourth quarter of 2017 on the ICE futures contracts in recent months average price of 65 cents. However, ICE futures average price in 2018 will rebound to 72 cents a share, reason is that the farmers reduce will make multiple agriculture, including the United States, cotton planting area of 1. 2 million acres. Later in 2018, with the increase of global consumption and inventory consumption further, cotton prices rising trend will be more obvious. By the end of 2017, global cotton is expected to reduce inventory 10 million packages, to 79 million bales. In 2018, according to the analysis of the 'bank global cotton area is expected to reduce 4. 3%, while demand increases by 2%, the main growth from southeast Asia ( Vietnam) 。 As China's to inventory, 2019/20 cotton import demand in China is expected to rise significantly, cotton prices will be more powerful support. Commerzbank, said India's recent sharp pest in cotton production, export supply will reduce obviously, Bangladesh, Vietnam, and China's demand for U. S. cotton will be enlarged, so outside China increase will reduce the inventory, supporting the rise in prices.
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