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Inventories have obvious order backlog, enterprise pressure big! Xinjiang cotton spinning industry recently developed 'thrombus blockage'! - - - - - - Textile information - Textile net - spinning

by:Chengyi     2020-06-28
Recently, in the xinjiang cotton industry coordinating research group of research, focuses on sino-us trade friction upgrade impact, the usage of raw materials, such as the workings of the capacity for communication. One understands, aksu, visit, to stabilize the worker, and is located in southern xinjiang, enjoy the nanjiang support policy, production costs relative to the mainland has a certain competitive advantage, the current textile enterprise production of aksu area functioning, but also more or less under the impact of the sino-us trade friction to upgrade. Traders and dye house to avoid uncertain risks,. ltd are sharply reduced orders, many spinning enterprise inventory backlog for nearly three months, can stop throw goods different is that this round of & other; The strong cold air & throughout; , many mills even choose the price is difficult to clear the inventory, the entire industry chain as & other; Thrombus blockage & throughout; Generally, increasing business risk. Due to the lack of confidence about future policy guidance and the xinjiang textile apparel industry chain development has begun to backward tilt, part of the textile enterprises began to hesitate whether planning in some capacity. Research also learned that in the aksu recently frequent freak weather, cotton affected by hail, wind and other large area is damaged, the farmers are busy planting corn to recover the loss, aksu region crop this year is expected to cut production. Second, eastern xinjiang and urumqi surrounding the visit firms covering more than seventy pounds, capacity full production, complete industry chain of enterprise at present order is stable, yarn count range 14 - product 80 m between. Companies use raw materials mainly for XinJiangMian, American cotton, etc. For the use of imports of cotton, while American cotton tariff increases, but has no effect on the incoming material processing enterprises, however, the recent cotton prices, brought by the sino-us trade tensions to early & other; High & throughout; Purchasing imported cotton brought the rising cost of enterprises. In the cotton price fluctuation of environment, enterprise also began to gradually adjust product structure, reduce raw material inventory or buy along with it. In terms of labor, research enterprise a line worker average wage is controlled in 4000 yuan/month, stable employment, minority workers accounted for more than half of all workers in this plant. In terms of equipment, some enterprises have all spinning process equipment, equipment intelligent degree is higher. Research in the enterprise, the xinjiang government various preferential policies for enterprises to carry out the relative in place, hope to clear and sustainable policies. Get on cotton quota, the xinjiang within the tariff quotas of enterprise is very limited, suggested to xinjiang cotton textile enterprise appropriate tilt. In addition, this year the state VAT for enterprises to reduce the tax burden of the tax rates, but electricity level remains the same, no tax corresponding increases the cost of electricity, with xinjiang power capacity is enough, hope to xinjiang in the electricity bills and tax reform can give textile enterprises more affordable. Section three, kashgar, korla area enterprise construction, product inventory increase generally. Investigators visit enterprise overall size is about 1. 88 million pounds, with ring spun accounted for about 47%, accounted for about 47% of rotor spinning, vortex spinning accounts for about 6%. Most of the enterprise mainly producing pure cotton yarn, a few enterprises producing cotton blended yarn and pure viscose yarn, each enterprise products in the 30 - both the average count Between 40 cigarettes, mainly sold to jiangsu, zhejiang, guangdong area. Is part of the enterprise has the phenomenon of insufficient utilization, at the same time, enterprises generally reflect, since labor day, pressure product sales, product inventories. Since May Day more than the downstream wait-and-see status, product sales pressure. Enterprise, since the beginning of may declare tax trump, orders decreased significantly, yarn prices continue to reduce, the current price is lower at the end of April for about 1500 yuan/tons, significant product inventory backlog, enterprise sales pressure. According to the enterprise, at present due to the United States whether to raise taxes on the remaining 300 billion goods has not decided, the downstream customer unable to predicting the direction of the market, several wait-and-see state, reduce or even stop to textile enterprise order, spinning enterprise product sales a lot of pressure. Four, northern xinjiang region: shihezi, kuytun, bo le, the visit to the mainland more textile companies investing in the leading enterprises in xinjiang, involving capacity more than 150 pounds. In addition to the individual companies have some shut down the machine, maintain normal work. Business recently pressure is bigger, the current inventory is generally more than a month. Employment aspects basic normal, visit enterprise staff accounted for more than 80% of the ethnic minorities, and there are quite a part for the farmland transfer labor obtain employment, worker average wage of 4000 yuan/month or so, corporate executives, said after the enterprise to staff training, and for a long time in the life, the production of the care and communication, staff ideology, labor efficiency and stability are improved significantly. In response to the recession market sales situation, the enterprise through the adjustment of product structure, strengthen the management to reduce costs, technical transformation to reduce labor, actively expand the customer and other measures to ensure the normal operation of the enterprise at present and the stability of employees. Said the visit enterprise for ethnic minority culture and skills training of the worker pay a lot of manpower material resources, but the training subsidy application conditions and enterprises differ from that of the actual situation.
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