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Interpretation with diversified fancy yarns

by:Chengyi     2021-06-28

The fancy yarn has a special structure, different shapes, various colors and special decorative properties. Various fabrics woven with fancy yarns are beautiful, novel, elegant, comfortable, soft and unique. They are very popular in recent years and have been widely used in clothing, decoration, and industrial products. With its flexible colors and changeable yarn structure, it expresses the unique three-dimensional relief of clothing and apparel, making the clothing noble, soft, rich, three-dimensional, natural and beautiful, and meets people's pursuit of fashionable life and individual clothing. At present, more and more fancy yarns are used for fashion fabrics.

The fancy thread can be applied to all walks of life, and its development itself is a systematic project. Every textile design worker is subject to professional limitations, it is impossible to understand comprehensively, but he must be as comprehensive as possible before he can become a good pioneer. At present, fancy yarns are used for apparel processing, such as apparel fabrics, household curtains, blankets, hats, scarves, etc. The fabrics have special appearances, such as embossed patterns, inlaid bright pearls, sequins and other graceful appearance effects.

Due to fluctuations in the price of fiber raw materials, the production of special yarns has also been impacted by the market, prompting the re-adjustment of product structure to meet new market demands. With the change of market demand orientation, slub yarn came into being. Slub yarn is a more popular fancy yarn at present. After it is applied to knitted fabrics and denim fabrics, the surface of the fabric shows an irregular slub style, which meets the requirements of fashion and novelty of clothing.

With the popularity of slub style in denim clothing, the market demand for slub yarn has greatly increased. Duan Cai yarn is not only produced in natural yarn enterprises but also expanded to production in dyed yarn enterprises, semi-worsted yarn enterprises and woolen enterprises.

Especially in the semi-worsted and woolen enterprises, the multi-color wool fiber, silk fiber and combed cotton are used to intermix various raw materials, and the segment colored yarn produced is of high quality and high added value. Sweaters made of yarn are well received by customers at home and abroad. According to preliminary statistics, more than 300 new fancy yarn devices have been installed in more than 30 spinning enterprises in Zhejiang.

Because the price of section colored yarn can be higher than that of conventional yarn by 5000 yuan/ton ~ 10,000 yuan/ton, enterprises can obtain better economic benefits, and the number of enterprises producing section colored yarn is further increasing.

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