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International cotton prices linked closely focus on Chinese demand trends in the world - Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-06-21
Last week, On May 21 - 27) The hype, affected by the weather factors, the ICE futures prices surged to nearly 4 years high, cotton and cotton prices rallied around the world. Rose sharply in December as the ICE futures contracts, next year is expected to the international market of cotton prices will remain at a very high level. According to statistics, on May 25th July on the ICE futures contract prices surged to a further 89. 21 cents, rose from 2. 66 cents, rose 3. 07%; 12 months from rose by 4. 22 cents, rose by 5. 12%. 12 months and 5 July contract price from four weeks ago. 24 cents to 2. 56 cents. As the market worries about Texas drought weather is aggravating, ICE futures prices in the short term is expected to test 90 cents. In addition, the dry weather will delay the sowing time of the crop, the cotton price movements play a supporting role for the next fiscal year. Cotton prices over the past two weeks, the market has experienced the biggest increase in recent months. China's yarn and fabric factory production margins of 60%, but as the cotton stocks continued to decline, the Chinese market demand for cotton, very strong, is expected in the next cotton prices will test a higher level. Over the past two weeks, On May 14 27) , Chinese cotton prices rose sharply, market demand is still strong. Recently, the China national cotton reserves auction closing performance is excellent, but as the national cotton reserves inventory reduced gradually and the market continued strong demand for high-grade cotton, the cotton market demand in China or will turn to the international, India and the United States demand for cotton will be boosted, and the current and future seasons of cotton prices will be higher.
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