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International cotton market to show the new normal China national cotton reserves out of focus - round Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-06-17
Last week, On March 5 - 11) , ICE futures fluctuation, cotton prices soared, further ICE in recent months contract prices reached a high, recent years is expected as the textile increased demand from emerging countries such as Bangladesh and Vietnam, cotton prices will get further support, stable at relatively high levels. According to statistics, last week on the ICE futures contract prices rose by 2 May. 43 cents per pound, or nearly 3%, 12 months rose by 2. By 2% to 78. 72 cents/lb. The United States department of agriculture statistics, as of March 1 week, American cotton exports 31% to 38 sales rebounded sharply. 40000 package, which means that in the international market demand for cotton is still very strong, especially the emerging spinning countries such as Vietnam and Bangladesh. According to the USDA, according to the latest monthly report of the world besides China cotton stocks at a relatively high level, inventory consumption than the relationship between cotton prices are no longer close, this is a new trend of international cotton market in recent years, the future trend of cotton depends on China's demand for international cotton market level. On March 12, a new round of national cotton reserves out once again become the focus of the international market, international cotton market relevant personage thinks, transformation and upgrading of China textile enterprises, and increase the demand for high grade cotton, predicts that as China national cotton reserves inventory decline gradually, the Chinese market will increase demand for international cotton, international cotton prices will also be supported.
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