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by:Chengyi     2020-07-01
According to Qingdao, zhangjiagang, guangdong and other places of cotton trade feedback, the Vietnam yarn port bonded, & other; Futures yarn & throughout; Price rise considerably, since late September, Pakistan, India $yarn quotation also start oscillation buoyancy, especially C8S - C16S siro spinning, C20S - C32S yarn mills, export f be get a relatively clear. Industry analysis, it is the main ICE cotton futures contracts in 60 cents per pound above consolidation, global cotton prices stabilised short; Two is due to the continuous hot and humid weather, not only a market of the crop, compared to the same and all parties concern about 2019/20 Pakistan the crop yield and quality rise, cotton cotton mills may not be high purchasing Brazil, India, west Africa cotton, etc. As of September 15, Pakistan market for 31 of the crop. 11, 50000 tons, less than the same period last year. 30000 tons, the damping of 26. 4%; Third, since August the yuan continue to depreciate, countries such as India and Vietnam mills export earnings decline, can only offer to raise dollars. According to the statistics, the depreciation rate of more than 4% in August, and by the fed's rate cut twice cut interest rates, the European Union + restart QE and so on, the yuan is still in the value of channel. Let the cotton yarn importers, traders and other Overnight rain roof leak when & throughout; , nearly more than a week to zheng period, 2018/19 cotton spot Chen, state reserve cotton round out the price fell sharply mode, open another CF2001 contracts even support such as 13000, 12500, 12000 ( Open the low before 12240, 12010, low of 11970) , just half a month time or 9%; Xinjiang & other; Double 29 & throughout; Pick up cotton machine delivery price fell below 12000 yuan/ton ( Male) , cotton cloth factory quotation, light textile market retail price also will decline in violence ( Deep down raw material, clothing and foreign trade, such as terminal consumption without improvement, mills under attack) Inside and outside, resulting in cotton & other; Upside down & throughout; Amplitude expand again, inquiry and shipment more cold and cheerless, Except some OE yarn shipment) 。 Qingdao traders said that the current market for cotton import enterprises is & other; Suffering & throughout; , on the one hand, fear of yarn price rose, default of countries such as India and Pakistan cotton, delay the execution of the contract; On the other hand, both inside and outside yarn & other; Upside down & throughout; 500 - 800 yuan/ton, shipping, delivery can only into the bonded library, increase the cost and increase port cotton yarn inventory pressure.
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