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by:Chengyi     2020-07-11
On November 23, follow the 'entered the state found wonderful' large tour news propaganda activities, reporter walked into nanning jin hong cotton textile co. , LTD. ( Jin hong company) 。 In factory automation equipment to achieve the cotton textile continuous, automation, high speed, the information in each process; This thoroughly, guangxi nanning cotton textile printing and dyeing factory, NaMian) The traditional cotton textile enterprise coruscate gives new vitality. After years of development, the company achieved from 'NaMian' to 'jin hong' luxuriant metamorphosis. In the roaring machine production line, in the quality of cotton products, in the showroom full of ethnic characteristics, reporters felt the company innovation and development to thrive. In the past, jin hong company also faced grade, yield of product quality, production efficiency, labor productivity 'four low' dilemma. 'Facing the fierce competition in the textile market, the company always adhere to independent innovation, continuously strengthen technical progress. In recent years, the company invested 800 million yuan to implement technical renovation project, the overall equipment technology to meet the domestic first-class level, rainbow yarn series yarn and so on 41 new products and product won numerous area, city science and technology progress prize, pure viscose series and so on five products become the famous brand products in guangxi. 'Said Lu Xibin, the general manager of our company. Based on innovation, let small rainbow after wind and rain in the national textile industry, the national textile industry and the forefront of the industry development in guangxi, become a national recognition of the ethnic trade and the special goods designated production enterprises of textile talent training base, the national clothing. At present the company's total assets of 17. 7. 6 billion yuan, net assets of 10. Is 100 million yuan, net assets restructuring of eight times, per capita labor productivity than restructuring increased by 1. 52 times, has become China's southwest region's largest cotton textile production enterprises, for many years to be included in the comprehensive competitiveness of China's cotton textile industry and enterprise of product sales income, 2014 - 2016 in China's chemical fiber staple fibre blended yarn industry main business top 20. The report suggests that the party's 19th to deepen the reform of state-owned enterprises, to develop a mixed sector of the economy, to foster globally competitive world-class enterprise. Lu Xibin said, as the state-owned enterprises, jin hong under the guidance of company will be in the big spirit, continue to work diligently, closely around the 'innovation driven', in order to achieve the new normal, continue to improve the quality and efficiency of development and efforts, to be the vanguard to carry out the new development concept, the pioneer of innovation driven development, the implementation of the national major strategic vanguard.
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