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by:Chengyi     2020-06-27
According to India's domestic mills and exporters, 2 - India's domestic cotton prices rose again and again, April S - June 1 - Domestic sale price from 78-5/32 Up to 86-89 cents per pound 87 cents/pound, up more than 10%) Severe contraction, mill profits, as profit or reduce losses, Indian cotton yarn of a politician to sell the price also raised speed but still couldn't keep up with the cotton, with immediate results: one is the domestic cotton falling consumer demand, which in turn restricts the cotton prices rose further; 2 it is India's cotton yarn exports encountering 'Waterloo', especially the signing in futures yarn is very outstanding, not only China, Pakistan and other buyers interest, weaving mill in Bangladesh, traders also complain. To cotton trade companies such as Qingdao, guangzhou, ningbo, said it is because of cotton, cotton price rise is bigger, the Indian mills, exporters, default, breach of promise phenomenon in China for Indian yarn at sight, the cargo is not too cold, bonded OE, C16 - 32 s high BaoPiao yarn inquiry and shipment is poor; Second, the central Asia yarn ( Mainly in uzbekistan, turkmenistan, azerbaijan, etc) of origin Yarn yarn, yarn in Vietnam, Pakistan, Thailand, Malaysia, and other yarn CNF, FOB price than India yarn more competitive. Some traders, weaving mill, said India yarn short-term to enter and occupy the Chinese market more and more difficult, in addition to the price, the default, and the following two factors: one is under the free trade agreement between China and Pakistan, Pakistan is not only can zero tariff to China's export cotton yarn, and can continue to textile and apparel exports to China's zero tariff ( India imports cotton still need to pay 5% duty) , Pakistan cotton yarn, grey cloth, the competitiveness of the textile comprehensive reinforcement, Indian cotton yarn exports to China are probably the Vietnam off after, is likely to be more than Pakistan and thrown to the behind. The second is the Indian rupee into long-term appreciation of the channel, from best to worst Asian currency, cotton, cotton yarn exports against India. The Indian rupee in the last 5 weeks from 71 up to $1 for 1 dollar for 69. The level of 17 ( In late march) , rise ranked among the top in Asia, this is since August 2018, the rupee strongest experience a wave of upward trend. Indian cotton export prices there is no reason to have to rise sharply. And foreign betting on India's election, in 2018 the Indian rupee some super close and cause the rupee appreciation cycle is longer than the other.
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