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Indian mills to raise cotton prices is still less than cotton - Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-06-27
Nearly a week, Indian mills continue to raise cotton prices, increase still less than the cotton price rise. The week 30 domestic combed yarn rose 1 rupees, nearly three weeks gained five rupees, or 2. 2%; 1 rupee rising 40 teams combed yarn, up four rupees, nearly three weeks or 1. 7%. Indian cotton association again will be cut to 32. 1 million bales cotton production in India. Affected by the Indian cotton prices continued to expand, S - 6 nearly four weeks rose 7. 2%. Because the cotton price rose sharply and yarn price rise is very limited, India's recent cotton cotton yarn production may be reduced. Current cotton demand gradually reduce, cotton prices have begun to show weakness. Cotton and cotton yarn exports India lacks competitive power, especially in China, Pakistan cotton yarn sell well benefit from a currency devaluation. Indian rupee in overseas financial capital driven by continued to be strong. Indian cotton China main port price rise, the international cotton prices rebounded in recent weeks, rival cotton yarn prices also rise.
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