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Indian cotton prices stabilised rate to stimulate exports to China - Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-06-26
In the latest week, Indian cotton yarn prices stabilised, blended yarn prices fell slightly. The rupee and the appreciation of the renminbi could stimulate the cotton yarn exports to China. Indian yarn prices overall stability, but influenced by foreign demand is insufficient, the late prices may start to fall. The state of punjab 1 - pure polyester yarn and blended yarn fall 2 rupees, polyester viscose yarn prices fell 1 r. Under the CCI acquisition support, India cotton prices stopped falling and keep on high, the overall stability in the vicinity of MSP. Demand for imports of cotton textile mill, the agriculture counsellor India cotton consumption this year is expected to increase, so the cotton yield will also continue to increase. India's cotton yarn exports depends largely on cotton prices and the change of the domestic currency. Affected by the Indian rupee rebound in December 2018, the Indian cotton yarn exports have fallen sharply, fell more than 20%, 45% reduction in exports to China, to Pakistan's exports fell 28%, increased exports to Bangladesh. India's cotton yarn exports year-on-year growth of 10, 2018. 6% in the first half of last year the rupee fell good export performance. At present the RMB exchange rate rebound and the Indian rupee fell again is expected to be India's cotton yarn exports to China increased. China's economy increase slows and clothing export decrease affect the demand for cotton.
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