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by:Chengyi     2020-07-11
Media news, affected by the Indian cotton prices bottomed out, very strong Indian cotton export prices. According to statistics, last week ( November 9 - 15) Indian cotton prices rose slightly, 30 s pure cotton combed yarn price rose 5 cents to $3 / kg, 30 s 65% / 35% polyester/cotton blended yarn prices fell 9 cents to 2. 46 $/ kg. China markets, with polyester prices continued to fall, India's exports to China last week 30 s knitting yarn prices fell the rs 3 / kg, over the past four weeks down 12 rupees, fell by 8. 3%, other varieties of yarn prices remained stable. It is reported that India are cotton prices bottomed out last week, Pakistan urged the government to let go of Indian cotton textile enterprises import licensing or cotton prices will continue to support India. However, high prices will weaken the Indian cotton yarn in the international market competitiveness. The first few months of 2017 affected by high cotton prices sharply reduce the number of Indian cotton yarn. According to statistics, 2016/17 Indian cotton yield reduced compared to the 1. 4-9%, 2017 Indian cotton yarn production fell in August 1. 7%, except for the 100% pure cotton yarn and other Indian yarn production are decreased.
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