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Indian cotton prices fell slightly Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-07-01
Nearly a week, the Indian cotton yarn and polyester/cotton yarn prices slightly down, prices in accordance with raw material. The government of India to strong support for the new annual cotton prices, it is very bad for yarn domestic enterprises. At present, the Indian yarn prices further stabilisation, terylene yarn moves more weak, cotton yarn and polyester/cotton yarn fell 0, respectively. 5% and 0. 6%. At the same time, the cotton and chemical fiber prices fell, so the yarn prices is not a surprise. Analysis, new annual cotton in India will be a large number of listed will bring more pressure to the domestic cotton prices, S - 6 in recent days there has been a rapid decline. After October 1 New Year begins, however, the government protective price will play a role, so the mills will once again in domestic prices, rising raw material costs of the international prices. Learned, declining operating profit has led to a lot of yarn production capacity was forced to shut down. In addition, India cotton import surge, American cotton after losing China is popular in India. Polyester staple fiber prices are likely to get the support from higher cotton prices, prompting textile clothing manufacturers to produce cheaper products, sales in the coming months renewable fiber could be greatly increased.
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