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by:Chengyi     2020-07-13
News media, under the influence of cotton prices continue to soar, the latest week ( On January 1 7) , Indian cotton yarn both domestic and export a rebound. Raw material cost rising rapidly, however, lead to mills crushed margins, Indian mills boycott cotton prices rise. It is understood that foreign investment to promote the rupee stronger does not stimulate the Indian cotton yarn exports. With India and Pakistan cotton from the highs, expected future Indian cotton prices will gradually return to a reasonable level. According to statistics, last week ( On January 1 7) S - 6 cotton prices have risen 200 rupees/candesartan, rose 0. Rose 49% in the past month 2000 rupees/candesartan, rose by 5. 17%. 30 s combed cotton yarn prices up by 20 cents in the past week, rose by 6. Up 4 7%, over the past month. 92%. Viscose fiber prices 10 rupees per kilogram, rose by 5. 8%, but there is no demand. At present, the domestic demand is strong in Pakistan India's cotton import prices have soared, India cotton export smoothly.
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