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by:Chengyi     2020-06-26
For weeks, India cotton prices, cotton prices rose slightly, downstream enterprise needs less, cotton export prices are rising sharply, partly because of the rupee. Mills in India began to improve domestic cotton prices at present, most prices generally rose 1 rupees, 30 combed yarn rose 2 rupees. Affected by cotton prices rose knitting yarn and weaving yarn. According to statistics, the S - 6 the price rise 1 within a week. 6%, nearly 4 weeks rose 7%, cotton mill profits. Due to large amounts of cotton exports, CCI a large number of purchase, at present domestic cotton supply tension, cotton prices rose sharply, CCI didn't stop. If the yarn prices continue to rise, the mill will be faced with falling demand. Mills in recent weeks after continuous increase export price, foreign buyers, export sales. In addition to the cotton prices, cotton export enterprises also face challenges of rupees appreciation.
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