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by:Chengyi     2020-06-26
In the latest week, India cotton prices continue to rebound, cotton prices continue to rise, no future mills may reduce profits. The rupee rebound and cotton prices from the combined impact of cotton export prices are rising in dollar terms. In the week, India's domestic S - 6 2 higher prices. Up 5 3%, nearly 4 weeks. 8%, the main reason is that this year's cotton production decrease, output fell to its lowest level in recent 10 years. Raw material prices, after the Indian mills temporarily not raised cotton yarn price, on the one hand is the early stage of the cotton mill has low purchasing a lot of raw material, currently in a wait state, on the other hand, demand is not enough active, once price volume will shrink. For cotton export price rise, in addition to the cotton prices, and the rupee strengthened. , according to data from 30 10 cents, combed yarn prices for nearly three weeks rose 28 cents, or 10%. Affected by the large price increases, China's import demand will decline in the future. In January, according to India's cotton yarn exports to China grew by 78% year on year.
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