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Indian cotton export prices - influenced by weak demand continue to fall Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-06-25
Nearly a week, India's domestic cotton prices rose slightly, export prices are influenced by weak demand continue to fall, but is expected to stimulate the Indian rupee fall cotton yarn exports. India 30 combed yarn FOB prices to 2. Fell to 2 $8 per kilogram, blended yarn. $55 / kg. Yarn prices are also affected by the first two weeks the rupee fell after the rupee rose to cotton yarn exports have a negative impact. In November 2018, India's cotton yarn exports fell 14. 5%, exports fell 12. Only 2 decrease 2%, calculated on the rupee. 6%. Exports to China fell by 36%, a 29% increase in Bangladesh. This fiscal year (eight months before 4 - November) India's cotton yarn exports year-on-year growth of 25%, mainly due to export to China increased by 60%. So India textile mill profits in the second half of last year is pretty good. Demand shrunk significantly compared with other regions, especially in Turkey, the European Union, Brazil. Slump in the Turkish lira has increased, its downstream enterprises import cotton yarn cost also is unable to purchase imports of cotton spinning enterprises. This fiscal year, a few months before the Indian cotton yarn exports was once very active, but at the end of 2018. The current demand in China as a whole is restrained, in part because of the Spring Festival will come, short-term cotton sales in India can only rely on the domestic market. But as cotton prices continue to fall and fg inventory decline, textile mills profit is expected to be improved.
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