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India: the rupee yarn import prices tumbling, China - for exports Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-06-23
Over the past seven days, ICE period cotton prices fell sharply, India cotton prices remained firm. On the eve of National Day in India, stable yarn order, prices are relatively stable. As the Turkey crisis led to the substantial depreciation of the rupee, the next India yarn exports will be good for a period of time. According to statistics, over the past seven days, the S - India 6 cotton prices to decline to 48200 rupees 100 rupees/candesartan, fell by 0. 30 s pure cotton knitting yarn price has fallen 21%, 1 rupee fell to 220 rupees ($/ kg range 0. 45%. India textile enterprise, due to the yarn production cost is still high, spinning profit is very low, so a lot of the crop in October listed before, textile enterprise survival condition is still tough, 'he said. Recently, Turkey crisis erupted in the substantial depreciation of the rupee, financial investors out of emerging markets, or to India yarn must have good influence in the international market competitiveness. Especially China further renminbi depreciation, import market for China provides the opportunity to further reduce the price. According to statistics, over the past four weeks, India's exports to China of the 32 s pure cotton yarn prices fell 8 cents to 2. $98 / kg, fell by 2. Yarn has fallen by 6%, the same level Vietnam 13 cents to 3. $12 / kg, fell by 4%, uzbek, yarn has fallen 9 cents to 2. $95 / kg, fell by 3%, Indonesia yarn 8 cents down to 3. $17 / kg, fell by 2. 5%.
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