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by:Chengyi     2020-06-16
News media, over the past seven days ( On February 22 - 28) , India's domestic cotton prices is very strong, which consistent with domestic market rebound trend of cotton prices. As a result, India's spinning mill spinning profit is expected to fall further, chemical fiber prices also are expected to rise. According to statistics, India S - the last seven days 6 cotton prices rose 1100 rupees ( About 1. 9 cents/lb) , rose by 2. 8%, cotton export prices remained at high level. 30 s pure cotton yarn prices remain at 3. $35 / kg, from 2016, 3. There is little $40 / kg of high. 30 s pure cotton yarn price in Pakistan and India on the yarn. China markets, India cotton import prices remain unchanged, Indonesia and Vietnam yarn respectively up 4 cents, and five cents. The recent rise in cotton prices, driven in the next period of time cotton prices will rise accordingly. Over the past seven days, India polyester short in keeping the price in 95. 25 rupees/kg, including ludhiana polyester short market price fell 1 r, 100% polyester yarn production a slight drop in profits.
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