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India's textile export difficulties the government take active measures - Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-07-13
News media, over the past two months, India cotton prices rose sharply 11%, pushing the textile raw material costs, cotton export competitiveness is weakened. At the same time, international cotton prices have jumped by 17%, but the Indian rupee rise 2. 7%, offset by the effects of global cotton prices. According to statistics, in December 2017, the Indian cotton yarn and cotton exports, in dollar terms, increased 0. 38% to 9. 9 $3. 8 billion, higher than the same period last year. 3. 5 billion dollars. Synthetic yarn and textile exports increased 6. 77% to 4. 3 $1. 7 billion, higher than the same period last year. 900 million dollars. It is understood that is driven by other commodities, India cotton prices continue to rise, in November 2017, India from 10517 rupees/quintal cotton prices to 42000 rupees/Germany, rose by 11%. By the implementation of GST tax system, there are several important export incentives are difficult to implement, in India's domestic demand has been weak, cotton and cotton exports competitive pressures increase, India and other export countries, such as competitive advantage between Bangladesh is weakened, so difficult to export growth. According to statistics, in late December India capacity utilisation rates began to decline, cotton clothing exports to 13. 366. 3 billion dollars, and the same period of 2016 to 14. 541. 7 billion dollars. Recently, the council for the promotion of Indian clothing export ( AEPC) Have also been negotiating with the government, to restore the tariff rebates and other incentive measures to stimulate exports.
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