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India's large quantity value American cotton - low horse Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-06-16
Indian industry sources said, as the Indian textile mills of American cotton, more and more high, 2017/18 India imports of American cotton is expected to more than 1. 7 million packages to 2 million bales. According to statistics, India imports of American cotton 2016/17 in 309. 40000 packages, 2015/16 for 227. 90000 bales. Indian cotton federation chairman J. Thulasidharan think, recently the United States have cotton offer India's textile enterprises to place a large order, S - although and India Compared to six horses value is low, but considering the cotton fiber and spinnability of as well, so India imports of American cotton rose. So far, India imports more than 1 million bales cotton, more than half of them are American cotton. At present, the Indian state of andhra pradesh, gujarat and Tamil nadu textile mills of American cotton purchase enthusiasm high. Indian cotton association President thinks, this year India's cotton imports will not increase too much, mainly focus on India's domestic cotton prices over the next two months. According to the forecast, India cotton output in this year of about 37. 7 million packages, at present domestic market average around 150000 bales of cotton. Considering the annual global cotton supply is adequate, India there will not be significantly increased cotton exports.
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