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India rain still inadequate - the crop planting was basically completed region Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-07-08
According to the latest forecasts agricultural counselor, 2017/18 annual production of cotton in India is expected to reach 30 million packages ( 480 pounds) per package , an increase of 1 million packets of forecast last month. 2017/18 total supply about 43. 34 million Indian cotton bag, the total consumption of 28. 7 million packages, ending inventory 14. 64 million bales, inventory consumption than for 51. 02%, their highest level in nearly nine years. As of September 7, India cotton planting has been basically completed, the area sown to 1209. 80000 hectares, up 19% from a year earlier. Sept. 12, India still has 6% of the cumulative rainfall is insufficient, the east and northeast continuous rainfall, northwest, central and southern regions of rainfall, respectively, 8%, 10% and 3% less than normal. Last week, India on October 17, MCX futures contracts is weak, the price fell to 18300 rupees/package, in the short term is expected to last - in 18300 18350 rupees range-bound, 18888 - or have a try The possibility of 19015 rupees.
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