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India is expected to apply to meet timely rain drought relief - Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-07-09
Reuters news, September 19, the Indian meteorological department ( IMD) , said this week in central India major cotton producing areas will have rain, alleviated the drought weather brought to the market concerns. Reported that Indian meteorological department said in June, Indian monsoon rainfall this year will reach three-quarters of the average annual rainfall in India, the country's total rainfall will reach 98% of the average annual rainfall of India. India's department of agriculture statistics data, Sept. 17, planting area of up to 1 in India. 0. 5 billion hectares, up 19% from a year earlier, cotton planting speed, oilseeds and beans grow slower. Jairam ramesh, India's meteorological department chief executive, said although the central and eastern India cotton production areas rainfall is still lower than average, but is expected to significantly increase the rainfall in the next few days. It is understood that India as the world's largest cotton producer and second largest exporter of cotton, more than 60% of the cotton by rainwater irrigation, and as the hurricane losses on the cotton yield and quality, at present a large number of buyers and traders have flocked into the Indian market, so the weather in India next to the yield and quality of cotton play a crucial role.
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