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by:Chengyi     2020-06-25
In the latest week, India market increase of the crop, cotton prices further decline, but cotton prices rose slightly, mills to maintain operating profit, improve cotton export quotations. S - the week, India Spot prices fell 2%, 6 recently fallen around 6. 6%. In recent weeks, most of Indian spot prices higher than that of MSP, government purchase is very limited. In addition to the general election has prompted the government to raise the price, the Indian rupee rebound has also led to the rupee spot prices and cotton exports decline in demand. Calculated on the rupee, the Indian spot prices rose in a year. 2%, but in dollar terms remain stable. Indian mills could benefit for cotton prices, profit or get better. At the same time, the Indian cotton yarn with rise in price stability, 30 and 40 combed up 0 respectively. 5% and 0. 1%. 30 comb up 1 r/kg. Influenced by the rupee rebound, Indian cotton export price rise. 30 the comb up to 2. $70 / kg, 30 combed up to 2. $85 / kg. 36 teams combed the FOB price 3. 5 $/ kg. The past four weeks, Indian cotton export price rose 20 cents, leading to the current foreign demand is very weak. China cotton textile mill demand is weak influence dropped to a lower level, November port cotton yarn inventory backlog a lot.
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