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by:Chengyi     2020-06-26
In the latest week, although India some textile mills to return to work, but because of low yield so Indian cotton yarn prices stop falling. Indian cotton prices decline further. At present, the Indian yarn production is still very limited, for cotton price support. However, due to the downstream demand is as light as a feather, so the price is no rise in space. Meanwhile, India cotton prices drop more, S - 6 3 weekly drop. 2%, has fallen 20% since this year. Indian cotton company acquisitions, but little affected by blocking the actual volume. At present, India has basic listing of the crop, CCI accounted for 30%. If dumping stock CCI now, will lead to cotton prices continue to fall. At present, the Indian cotton yarn exports fell 10 - quotation 15 rupees/kg. Because China will enter the 'May Day' holiday, the market expects India cotton export prices will continue to fall. Affected by the financial strain, China last week to cancel a lot before the contract.
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