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by:Chengyi     2020-06-17
Media news, 2018 Indian cotton overseas market demand is very big, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Vietnam, Indonesia and other countries a large number of purchasing cotton in India. According to Indian cotton association statistics, India has so far export cotton 4 million packages ( 1 package = 170 kg, hereinafter the same) , is expected this year will continue to export 150 - 2 million bales. According to forecast, this year India to export to China about 1 million bales of cotton. According to the personage inside course of study, in addition to exports surged, due to the effect of this year's pink bollworm cotton imports in India is increasing. Indian cotton association President, according to the Indian rupee stimulate cotton exports, countries such as Bangladesh and Pakistan is a big demand for cotton in India. So far, India cotton exports about 1. 4 million packages of Bangladesh, Pakistan, about 900000 packages. The Chinese market, 2 - in the past Three years, China's cotton imports have stalled, as China's cotton reserve stock gradually reduce, due in July and in the future Eight months, China's international cotton or purchase quantity will increase. Indian cotton association predicts that 2017/18 years India's cotton output is expected to be 36. 7 million packets of cigarettes, a preliminary forecast cut 800000 package, mainly due to the effect of cotton bollworm harm resulting in maharashtra and tran Ghana farmers have cotton even pull up, will not wait for further. According to statistics, as of now India imports about 1 million bales cotton, is expected to reach 350 - total imports 4 million packages, this quarter total supply will reach 41. 7 million bales of cotton.
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