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India began to investigate from the European Union, Vietnam imported nylon - Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-07-08
India's commerce ministry anti-dumping administration and General Administration of Customs on exported from the eu and Vietnam 'nylon ( More silk) 'Imports of anti-dumping investigation. , are currently the product is 'nylon synthetic filament yarn', also known as polyamide yarn. Investigation work, because the following application, they respectively are JCT co. , Ltd. , gujarat Polyfilms Pvt Ltd, gujarat fertilizer co. , Ltd. , Prafful Overseas Pvt Ltd and AYM Syntex ( Formerly known as Welspun Syntex) 。 This product and other five Indian producers, namely Salasar, JPB Fiber, Gupta Sythetics Limited, Century Enka and Oriilon India Pvt Ltd. These companies and manufacturers are supporting the this investigation. Anti-dumping administration found that there was sufficient evidence of dumping from the eu and Vietnam nylon ( NFY) , cause 'damage' to the domestic industry. Official said, causal relationship between dumping and the 'injured' industry, this is the reason why start anti-dumping investigation. 'Survey will identify any alleged dumping behavior, degree and influence, and suggested to the anti-dumping tax ( If a) Enough to eliminate the 'damage' to the domestic industry. Applicants for the duration of investigation of between April 2015 and September 2016, but the administration of anti-dumping that in October 2015 to March 2017 ( 18 months) Should also be investigated. And that 'damage' investigation should include the period is 2013 - 14 years, 2014 - And 2015-15 years For 16 years. Nylon yarn, NFY) Through organic monomer polymerization preparation of synthetic filament yarn. Considering the product is multifilament, including various synthetic filament yarn, nylon and polyamide - for example flat yarn Distorted and/or not fully drawn yarn (curly FDY) , rotation stretch yarn ( SDY) Yarn, completely ( FOY) Yarn, high ( HOY) , some directional yarn ( POY) , textured yarns Distorted and/or twisting, and dyed yarn, single, double, multiple, folding or cable. The products include nylon filament yarn or polyamide yarn all variants, such as flat/texture/distorted/not twist, dark/light/half dark ( Or its variant) , gray/color/dye ( Or its variant) , single/double/multiple/folding/cable ( Or its variant) , regardless of size, but not including 5402 classification according to the customs code of the high strength nylon yarn. Nylon yarn, NFY) Is the main purpose of furniture and industrial applications, such as curtain, sewing and embroidery thread, indoor decoration, fishing nets, etc. ( 地基处理) ( Information source: Fibre2Fashion textile and garment information network, Xu Bo compiled)
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