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India and Pakistan refused to sell - cotton yarn prices downstream enterprises Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-06-26
Nearly a week, India and Pakistan cotton yarn prices, China's cotton prices stable. As countries cotton consumption reduced, cotton prices are likely to stop rising. Last week, India cotton prices continue to rise, then begin to settle down, mills improve cotton yarn price, to offset the loss of profit, but the downstream enterprise may refuse to cotton prices, companies seem to have not. Indian cotton export prices also affected by rupees to accelerate the rebound, but buyers are reluctant to accept the raw material prices at present stage. Pakistan cotton prices did not change, but cotton prices continue to go up, it has to do with domestic downstream demand. Home textile exports at the end of last year the rupee fell driven growth, to stimulate the country's cotton consumption, but no prices for cotton yarn exports, at the present stage does not accept international cotton prices. China cotton prices continue to rise, slowly but cotton prices did not change, seasonal demand is increasing, cotton production has increased, market participants continue to wait for the end of trade negotiations as soon as possible, then decide whether to increase inventory. Chemical fiber products prices did not change, suggesting trading is not active this year. China's viscose staple production decreases, prices are likely to decline.
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