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India and Pakistan mills continue to put low a gauze downhill - Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-07-05
According to Qingdao, Shanghai, guangzhou and other places of cotton traders, since early September, the early stage of the inquiry, delivery good India jet spinning of C21 knitting, knitting yarn C32S clinch a deal would continue, 8 s - in addition to Pakistan 16 s siro-spun as well as 'poor' low ring spun, clinch a deal of rotor spinning is decline in July and August, while C32, C40S, JC32, JC40S and more than 40 s India, Vietnam, uzbekistan increased attention and inquiry, the high count some traders actively contact foreign mills and exporters adjust delivery order varieties or October/November shipment high count. On the one hand, 'Kim nine silver ten' order is given priority to with 2017 spring and summer fabrics, weaving mill, garment factory of procurement to C32S and above high, high quality, high density wide cloth production continued to enlarge, the OE yarn, low a ring spinning corresponding denim and industrial fabrics demand gradually turn pale; On the other hand with the small and medium-sized textile enterprises increase from bidding acquired national cotton reserves round face, under 21 S and low a domestic yarn supply to rise again, and because of India and Pakistan, Vietnam and so on cotton yarn of FOB and CNF, CIF price is significantly higher than that of port traders shipment price, even if India S - at home 6 the cotton ginning mill factory price from 95. 2 fell to 82 cents/lb. 20 cents/lb ( Chen cotton) , mill C21, C32S yarn CNF price cut only 0. 15 - 0. $20 / kg ( On September 10 - 12, India C32SA lowest FOB prices to 2. $55 / kg) With low competitiveness has been weakened by the imported cotton. Some FangQi think high count cotton yarn import inquiry is the principle of national cotton reserves round out the reason for the rise is from high to low level and quality, and 2015/16 cotton has been largely depleted, and before the middle of October the processing, the listing for the horse of the crop is bigger, the breaking strength is not strong can only make xumian, civil cotton, do not conform to the requirements of the spinning of high count cotton assorting, so bales bleaching, dyeing, package on the market at present computer C32, C40S, JC32, JC40S cotton yarn supply is not sufficient. Hebei shangdong and henan province and other places some medium-sized mills said, increase in the number of inquiry weaving mill, garment factory since late August, C32S and above count cotton yarn orders to rise, 'to stock' to speed up the high count cotton mill, but given the recent supply disruption, high grade, high quality cotton yarn quantity of bonded port is high with high imports low, so for 'short, flat, fast' orders very carefully. Whether 'package bleaching cotton' become the focus of the attention, also the seller and the buyer. Qingdao traders, because since June India's domestic high-grade cotton tight supply and prices high, are slipping, mills can only import beauty such as cotton, cotton in Brazil and west Africa cotton temporary 'food', cotton assorting very miscellaneous, so 8/9/10 month shipment 32 s, 40 s cotton yarn quality there is no guarantee, also dare not to 'pack bleaching', so be careful signing in weaving mill, traders, cotton yarn or each batch, each count gap is very large. Have learned, in September, China's main port bonded of cotton yarn is slightly lower, C32S and above count inventory decline was particularly, on the one hand, June and July yarn offer sharp rising China weaving mill, traders backlash, 'futures' in 7/8/9 cooling sharply yarn procurement, inventory quantity for below dispatch; On the other hand port spot with cotton mills CNF, such as India, Pakistan, Vietnam CIF quotation gap reached 0. 20 - 0. $25 / kg, obvious 'upside down' ( Such as in late August, Qingdao traders C32SA India yarn 2 quotation. 78 - 2. Bid of $82 / kg, but the cotton is common in more than 3 yuan/kg) , such as India and Pakistan mills on the export of Chinese buyers will sharply. For short-term india-pakistan mills FOB and CNF price movements, Chinese buyers continue to put generally, not really to copy under a single time. As long as it is listed on India has a small amount of the crop, and 2015/16 cotton price difference reached 7 - Chen 8 cents/pound, India cotton prices will continue to steep downward adjustment, S - 6 the factory price is expected to be in 70 - cotton ginning mill Bottoming near 72 cents/pound, China, Bangladesh and other buyers in India yarn signing apathy, price and quality are not competitive, Indian cotton yarn exports dropped by 36% year-on-year in July. The Chinese market of low grade cotton supply enough ( After March 2017 and will start the national cotton reserves wheel, plus ChanMian) , the cotton price volatility narrowed, comprehensive and C32S and under low a gauze and become a part of the textile orders, the important way to maintain production, imports of cotton yarn to unscrupulous to enter the Chinese market is very difficult.
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