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India: affected by GST has cotton yarn market export prices continue to drop. . . Textile information - Textile net - spinning

by:Chengyi     2020-07-07
Last week, On July 6 - On July 12) As cotton prices, India cotton prices remain strong, polyester and viscose yarn prices rose slightly. The implementation of GST, as traders continue to protest at present India yarn market is still very messy. It is understood that although the international cotton prices continued to fall last week, but the Indian cotton price support by domestic market supplies remain strong. Is expected in October, the new flowers appear on the market before, the prices will remain at a high level. As a result, the Indian textile mills profit will continue to fall, especially was forced to lower prices of export company. Last week, India 30 s combed cotton FOB price dropped by 5 cents to 2. 9 cents/pound, fell to a nearly a year lows. It is understood that in order to restore its market share in China, and as Pakistan cotton prices fell, lower cotton prices to India Pakistan cotton yarn prices caused great pressure, Indian exporters was forced to accept lower prices and profits. Compared with polyester fiber and viscose fiber prices, yarn that India's domestic market prices.
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