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Increase the national cotton reserves round out the influence of foreign cotton market - Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-07-07
It is reported, China national cotton reserves management corporation recently issued 'about 2016/2017 countries national cotton reserves round out the sixth group plan issued notice, the notice said, 6 batch of outbound inspection plan for 41. 40000 tons, not only for reserve XinJiangMian and 12 units all for all the store cotton directly affiliated institutions. In late July, believe that relevant departments have arranged before August reserve XinJiangMian round out the work, even if 1 - every day 1. 20000 tons of reserves XinJiangMian listed quantity, so the original plan in August to wheel out xinjiang not less than 240000 tons, suddenly increased by 410000 tons, the purpose is? From the point of public prosecutor progress, warehouse pressure, how long does it take to 410000 tons of national cotton reserves the re-inspection? Is a slow process, I'm afraid, is expected to begin from late July till the end of September to complete, while public prosecutor wheel, clinch a deal once three consecutive trading day national cotton reserves ratio above 70% and the relevant departments have bottom spirit control prices. So an increase of 410000 tons of XinJiangMian round out the amount of FangQi, with traders signed purchase cotton what influence? First, FangQi raw material inventory to slow, wait-and-see mood rise. Since the middle of June, because of concerns about 7 - National cotton reserves competitive bidding in August and FangQi concentrated inventory caused cotton prices rose, with a 1% tariff cotton import quotas FangQi, traders have inquiry, waiting for a fixed price purchase Australian cotton, cotton, west African cotton, cotton. But with the cotton storage company announcement, the voice of the buyers decreased significantly, some firm contract to purchase also insufficient funds or gauze debt collection slowly push the word and be suspended temporarily. Second, cotton prices callback face high pressure. On the one hand, the current port bonded, Australian cotton, C/A at sight after customs clearance price is higher than 2017/18 XinJiangMian XinJiangMian, reserve - 1000 2000 yuan/ton, FangQi bear ability is limited; Look from 2015/16 on the other hand, national cotton reserves round out the extend a month is a direct result of the cotton market price fell 2000 yuan/ton, cotton prices will therefore is a turning point of view more, FangQi waiting for domestic cotton prices diving opportunity. Third, the market has more obvious improvement of cotton supply, demand and supply relationships, or change. According to customs statistics, between September 2016 and June 2017 cotton imports in China for more than 900000 tons, plus some cotton import enterprises, FangQi overdraft use quota ahead of time, eight Available in September quota is not enough, but at least 650000 tons ( + 240000 tons 410000 tons) Reserve XinJiangMian launch is expected to completely change the high quality cotton supply pattern. Fourth, the smooth running of the cotton, textile industry, avoid injury of inductrial injury farmer. Timely increase XinJiangMian round reservoir, which is beneficial to protect the interests of farmers and prepared for FangQi high quality domestic cotton or cotton, guarantee the healthy development of the whole industry. At the same time alleviate FangQi demand for cotton, cotton yarn, grey cloth, clothing, etc of competitiveness in the international market.
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