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In the southern United States fully blocked - a wide range of rainfall harvest of the crop processing Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-06-24
On October 19 to 25 a week, the United States southeast recorded in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, and the harvest of the crop, all week in southern Alabama and Florida have a small shower, warm wet weather lead to part of the cotton fields, the time of harvest was forced to suspend work, need to work again to take off the leaf. In southern Alabama and Georgia losses of the crop, cotton leaves after hurricane still lodging, many cotton has been completely crop. North Carolina and south Carolina on a clear day, the harvest of the crop rapid advance, parts for early frost, part of the cotton wet and harvest delay due to the soil, the decline in the quality of the crop. Delta in the north of the harvest is affected by another rain stopped, cold wet weather led to the field operation delay, low-lying water temporarily not fade, rain also lead to appear a wide range of secondary growth of the crop, cotton farmers were forced to secondary defoliation, test results show that the weak point of fouling cotton quantity increased dramatically, compared to the overall yield ideal. Southern delta again rainfall, rainfall in parts of up to 50 mm, cold wet weather led to the harvest of the crop, the crop quality affected, weak points of cotton increased. Harvest the finishing touches on the east coast of Texas for rainfall suspended, about half of processing factory work completed, the Rio crimped wire has been all over of the Rio grande valley and other areas of harvesting and processing also stuck because of the rain. West Texas affected by hurricane 'Willard' rain again, clammy took up the cause delayed harvest of the crop, rigid disc cotton bolls and fall off more, color level, impurity and yield of the crop are affected, some seeds are sprouting. Western desert region in the violent wind and rain and hail, the scale of the cotton fields, have to take off the leaf bolls of loss of the crop, the damage still being tallied, adverse weather also affect the processing of the crop. Covenant gold region temperature on the high side, the crop yield ideal, harvesting and processing progress smoothly. Pima cotton region of rainfall leads to delayed to take off the leaf, the storm and hail struck some cotton, hurricane 'Willard' brings to the local rainfall, outdoor work suspension, harvesting and processing of normal covenant gold region, the cotton yield and quality are very ideal.
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