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In the latest week India yarn - prices continue to fall Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-06-28
In the latest week, India yarn prices continue to fall. Cotton consumption is expected to reduce by 15% this year, India, and cotton production increase, so the cotton and yarn prices may fall sharply. In the week, India cotton prices continue to fall, 30 knitting yarn has fallen 8% three months. In recent weeks, India cotton and chemical fiber prices continued to fall, mills profit shrunk significantly. India business slow recovery, but western countries still very weak demand for clothing. However, many Indian clothing factory started to produce masks, hoping to exports to the United States and Europe a lot as soon as possible. At present, the Indian government worry about domestic mask a lack of supply, temporarily banned export of masks, once the order cancelled, India will immediately start a large number of exports. Affected by the epidemic, India cotton consumption this year is expected to decline sharply. According to the U. S. department of agriculture forecast, India cotton consumption this year is expected to drop nearly 15%. At present, domestic cotton prices Indian cotton company bought by artificially high, resulting in a decline in Indian cotton yarn in the international market competitiveness. Due to the Indian cotton output this year increased by 18%, cotton farmers and CCI will start selling inventory, so India cotton prices are expected to fall sharply.
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