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In the first three quarters of the domestic polyester yarn exports significantly decline - over the last year Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-07-01
2019 years ago in the third quarter, significantly lower than last year, domestic polyester yarn exports totaled 25. 850000 tons, year-on-year decline in 8. 39%. Years in addition to a few months, the remaining from last year all have varying degrees of decline in exports. In 2019 by global macroeconomic uncertainty increased, the u. s. -china trade negotiation result uncertainty, home textiles, clothing exports is affected to some extent, according to customs statistics, 1-2019 September our export of textile yarn, fabrics and products of 891. 58. 5 billion dollars, fell by 0. 1%. 1-2019 1127 September our export apparel and clothing accessories. 94. 7 billion dollars, fell by 4. 7%. And specific to pure polyester yarn, 1-2019 On September 25 accumulated exports. 850000 tons, year-on-year decline in 8. Except 3, 7, 8 39%, years in the three exports increased slightly from the same period a year earlier, the rest of the month have appeared different degrees of decline. And from the point of the main export market, Egypt firmly occupy the largest exporter. Egypt advantageous geographical location and relatively complete textile industry chain, for the development of the textile industry has laid a solid foundation. At present, Egypt's domestic production of yarn only can satisfy the need of domestic textile enterprises one-third of Egypt, and made for yarn imports surge of Egypt. In domestic polyester yarn exports more than 8% decline of environment, 1 - this year In September, the export amount of pure polyester yarn to Egypt appeared nearly 20% increment. While the rest of the top export countries, has been in southeast Asia countries. The sino-american trade friction makes many enterprises to adjust its supply chain structure, at the same time, countries headed by Vietnam, with cheap labor, trade environment relatively loose, the textile industry began to flourish. Some domestic factories also set up factory in southeast Asia, so the overall exports are among the best. To sum up, 1-2019 September the pure polyester yarn exports decline step by step in China, mainly because of trade negotiations results uncertain wandering in the textile industry in a stalemate with problems we face at home and abroad; Second, this factor continues to bad order of foreign trade market, especially will force the purchaser order to southeast Asia and other places. Pure polyester yarn industry forecast to lower labor costs, more preferential policies of state transfer trend, pure polyester yarn exports will decline gradually.
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