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In the first half of 2017 China's textile industry to develop steadily growth - Textile information - Textile net - Comprehensive textile clothing

by:Chengyi     2020-07-07
China textile industry association will ChangSunRuiZhe 26 in the third world in jilin city rayon said on the BBS, steady growth of textile industry in our country present situation in the first half of this year, after two years of negative growth in export returned to growth after the interval. Fend off said, although China's textile industry in recent years, the overall growth has slowed, but the industry still keep growing. According to the statistics, the total investment of 6030 in the first half of this year our country textile industry. 1. 4 billion yuan, rose 9. 11%; The above designated clothing shoes and hats needle textile retail sales rose 7. 3%; Online retail growth is accelerated, the national dress goods online retail sales rose 20. 8%. This year 1 - May gauge on enterprise main business income is 29455. 700 million yuan, rose 9. 4%; The total profit of 149. 5 billion yuan, rose 10. 6%. Export aspect, our country textile clothing export 1240 during the first half of the year. 2 $500 million year-on-year growth. 1%, over 2 years of negative growth, moderate growth. Fend off said, in recent years, although the Chinese in America and Japan's three major textile market share continued to decline, but the dominant position of our country in the world textile clothing export is still solid. Fend off said, although our country textile industry as a pillar industry of national economy has been fully revealed, but there are still factors of production costs, tax costs and the high cost of financing problems, need further efforts in terms of cost reduction.
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