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by:Chengyi     2020-06-29
On July 2, 2019 - 5, China cotton textile industry association in hunan research, visited more than local spinning companies, to understand the status of the enterprise production operation. Visit a basic situation, the enterprise research group of enterprise overall size is about 500000 pounds, which accounted for about 92% of ring spun, rotor spinning accounted for about 8%. Visit enterprise is given priority to with cotton, products include cotton, combed yarn, compact spinning, compact siro-spun, slub yarn, core-spun yarn, blended yarn and so on many kinds of yarn, product count in the 6 - Between the 30 s, a few enterprises in the production of more than 30 s yarn, products are mainly sold to guangdong, zhejiang area. Is part of the enterprise has the phenomenon of insufficient utilization, at the same time, enterprises generally reflect, since labor day, pressure product sales, product inventories. Second, the labor and electric power enterprises in hunan region average prices are in 0. 61 - 0. 67 yuan/degrees, the staff is given priority to with local workers, staff wages ( 8 hours/day) In the 3500 - About 4000 yuan/month, reflect, although enterprise at present labor can guarantee the normal production, but hire more difficult, and there are, on average, older employees, to find the problem of young people. Third, the enterprise to reflect the current market situation, since the sino-us trade friction in May order decreased significantly, the enterprise orders more than halved, from normal product price also is not ideal. In the face of inventory pressure, some companies take measures for their production, shut down part of the production. This situation continued until recently, along with the sino-us trade friction, market conditions in the slow rebound, also say to orders in gradually pick up, their production of the enterprise also said they have plans to resume production step by step. Four, enterprise response in the face of the current market situation, enterprises to actively respond to and strive to improve product quality, improved varieties, investigators visit one of the enterprise is for equipment replacement and transformation, enterprise, officials say, although the current market situation is not good, but businesses have confidence in the future market, the recent market situation is also gradually restored, this time it's a good time for enterprise equipment upgrading, enterprise after the self-improvement, there must be a better development in the future.
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