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by:Chengyi     2020-06-27
In April, after zheng cotton futures market focus shocks upward, stimulate the spot market clinch a deal the better. For imports of cotton textile enterprise procurement quantity, port imports of cotton volume surged. A better quality of part ChanMian and XinJiangMian quotation remain strong momentum. Zheng cotton futures market since the beginning of this month concussion uplink, now back to more than 15200 yuan/ton. Affected by imports of cotton deals, port Australian cotton was quoted at 16800 - yuan sales 16900 yuan/ton ( Net weight, since the lift ticket, hereinafter the same) Brazil cotton 15800 - quotation 16000 yuan/ton, Mexico in the 15500 - quotation 15700 yuan/ton. Most XinJiangMian deposited in the futures delivery warehouses, corporate hedging in futures markets sell sheet, part of the cotton mills, 3128 b, strong good lint sales price is 15800 - 16100 yuan/ton ( And, since the mention, to bring my ticket) , low price is 15700 - 15900 yuan/ton. Cotton sales market analysis, clinch a deal the main reason for the better, on the one hand, is affected by zheng cotton futures prices rose, on the other hand is relatively stable cotton spot market prices, cotton spot trading volume is better. Late textile enterprises continue to focus on the progress of sino-us trade negotiations.
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