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Imported cotton yarn has a clear bottoming out - Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-06-30
According to jiangsu and zhejiang, guangdong, Qingdao and other places of cotton traders feedback, since mid-may imported cotton inner and outer plate of inquiry, see goods, clinch a deal have obvious rebound, Vietnam produce OE yarn, C21 - among them High C32S match BaoPiao yarn and 8 s - Pakistan 16 s high with siro spinning, C32 cotton demand is relatively active, the imported yarn market is & other Well, one good thing came out of it & throughout; Some signs of coastal areas to return to work and production rate is relatively high weaving yarn, garment enterprises and foreign trade companies of port stocks ( Bonded + not bonded) And sailing the attention of yarn is the continuous improvement of the march/April. Ningbo some import enterprise, said the new crown the impact of the epidemic, march and April Pakistan cotton yarn production, transportation and port business basic in lockout condition, so the negotiation between the seller and the buyer to cancel the contract unilaterally break even situation not uncommon; But as of early may Pakistan cotton, cotton, weaving companies press & other; Reset button & throughout; ; Combined with for nearly half a month to Pakistan cotton yarn exports offer fell sharply, so Chinese buyers & other; After the break we sign & throughout; The operation of more. A 2 - Pakistan 30000 ingot mills reflected, due to domestic weaving, garment enterprises and production is slow and weak demand, so the mills are exports to China, Bangladesh and other southeast Asian countries as a breakthrough point, very competitive prices and quality. From the point of survey, Vietnam, Pakistan cotton yarn of the internal and external disk volume rebounded reason mainly has the following points: one is with Japan and South Korea, Europe were launched recent economic, trade, retail, transportation, part of the textile and clothing export orders shanshan arrival; Coupled with early stop to perform the contract, cotton consumption present recovery; Second, the home ministry issued guidelines, clear since the May 18, the blockade to extend from two weeks to May 31 ( On March 25, began to implement & other; The sealing & throughout; ) , leading to the production, transportation, export of Indian cotton remote, Chinese buyers purchasing focus to Vietnam and Pakistan; Third, the 2 - April curb domestic demand consumption with the outbreak of the new champions league get comprehensive control, phased victory and sustained release. Reflect some of the downstream enterprises, domestic market order in the fall and winter recovery progress faster than expected, and in the spring of 2021 is starting to play version, sample order, order on the road.
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