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Imported cotton quotations fell sharply on June 19

by:Chengyi     2021-03-15
On June 19, due to the intensified Sino-US trade friction, the quotation of imported cotton fell sharply. The International Cotton Index (SM) is 100 cents/pound, down 383 points, which is equivalent to 15,813 yuan/ton (calculated at 1% tariff, and the exchange rate is calculated at the central rate of the Bank of China, the same below); International Cotton Index (M ) 96.51 cents/lb, down 463 points, discounted to 15268 yuan/ton at the general trade port pickup price. The prices of the main varieties of the day are as follows: Among the   SM 1-1/8″ grade cotton, the US C/A cotton is quoted at 101.14 (US cents/lb, the same below), which is discounted to 15991.02 yuan/ton for the general trade port delivery price in RMB % Tariff calculation, the same below).  U.S. E/MOT cotton is quoted at 99.19, which is equivalent to 15686.56 yuan/ton in RMB for general trade port delivery.    Australian cotton is quoted at 107.9, which is discounted to RMB 17,046.46 per ton in general trade port. Cotton is quoted at 104.3, which is discounted to RMB 16,468.78 per ton in general trade ports. The quotation of West African cotton is 101.75, which is discounted to RMB 16,086.26 tons in general trade ports.    Indian cotton is quoted at 92.3, which is discounted to RMB 14,610.82 in general trade ports. /Ton. The quotation of U.S. E/MOT M 1-3/32″ grade cotton is 97.69, which is 15452.37 yuan/ton off the general trade port pick-up price. Article Keywords:  Imported Cotton
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