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by:Chengyi     2020-06-28
According to the jiangsu and zhejiang, shandong, guangdong and other places reflect cotton trade enterprises, since the end of may, import yarn outside dish, inside dish inquiry, clinch a deal and outbound continued weakness, cold and cheerless, C32S C26S/C21S yarn active contour with BaoPiao tome falling; JC21 JC32S/JC40S basic in a poor state, India, Vietnam yarn only OE yarn, under 16 s and ring spinning performance & other; Poor & throughout; Domestic, some cowboy. ltd, home textile enterprises, such as towel factory production, demand is relatively stable. Why import yarn & other; My grandma not painful love & throughout; ? On the one hand, the domestic market inside and outside the yarn hangs rate significantly increased. Zheng CF1909 even broken 14000, 13000 ( A new low since June 2016) And the rapid growth of export orders sharply shrinking, gauze inventory, the influence of nearly half a month to domestic yarn price decline, C32S BaoPiao since the winding - from 23300 Dropping to 22000-23500 yuan/ton 22200 yuan/ton, down 1200 yuan/ton; The port clearance C32 India, Vietnam, Indonesia yarn price is higher than domestic yarn 500 - as a whole 800 yuan/ton; Another concern about a trade war with China comprehensive upgrade enables China imports cotton yarn spinning clothing enterprise demand has dropped sharply. Firstly, in August, and after order to southeast Asian countries more and more prominent; Secondly, the purchaser asked the Chinese manufacturers, trade companies to undertake, digest losses due to the administration tariffs, China mostly do & other At a loss USES & throughout; Buy and sell; Thirdly, some Chinese companies to avoid risk to transfer orders to overseas subsidiaries of origin. From the survey, and the recent yarn outside dish default prominent, 4 / shipment in May, significantly lower than expected (delivery Customs statistics, and in April 2019, China's import yarn 1. 390000 tons, only 19 month China cotton imports. 200000 tons of 7. 24%, the lowest since 2016) 。 First of all, China and Pakistan, the government of the People's Republic of China and the islamic republic of Pakistan government about the revision & lt; The free trade agreement & gt; The protocol, due to come into force in June, Pakistan cotton yarn can & other; Zero tariff & throughout; To enter the Chinese market, so the buyers and sellers to negotiate some of the yarn import contract until June/July to perform again after the protocol takes effect, the contract is not to break but delay the execution; Second, zheng period, national cotton reserves since may clinch a deal valence, 2018/19 spot price crash down, domestic yarn with fell sharply; Plus depreciation bad superposition, the competitiveness of yarn apparent decline, some Chinese buyers contract shrink and even default; Again, the yarn with cotton supply factors such as the rising cost of cotton yarn, cotton quality and workers quality, stability, relatively early fell; And the capacity of some cotton and difficult to timely shipment, so the performance.
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