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Import yarn traders 'dilemma' Pakistan 'overtaking corner' - Textile information - Textile net - Comprehensive textile clothing

by:Chengyi     2020-06-27
According to Qingdao, Shanghai, guangzhou and other places reflect cotton traders, nearly a week for more than domestic weaving mill, middlemen inquiry, continued to slow down to pick up the goods, inventory pressure rise ( From the point of statistics, as of the end of April, the bonded area cotton yarn inventory quantity is big, import enterprises do not actively clearance) , some traders plan to reduce the price & other; Save your & throughout; 。 An enterprise of zhejiang, said the current cotton traders is & other; Between Scylla and Charybdis, dilemma & throughout; , on the one hand, the state announced that since May 5, 2019 round out the national cotton reserves around 1 million tons, domestic C40S and above cost of cotton is expected to be a sharp drop in, will accelerate cotton spot prices hitting, pressure on port imported yarn; On the other hand, due to the Indian cotton yarn exports to China, Bangladesh and other encounter & other; Waterloo & throughout; , mill, exporters have to downgrade C32S and cotton under FOB and CNF price, the pressure to the stock trader at one end, China and Pakistan signed the agreement on tax exemption, the Indian rupee against the dollar strong, India textile mill is repeatedly default, will China customer mills to Vietnam, Pakistan and other countries. The Indian state of gujarat some 50000 ingot mills said, because the domestic cotton prices & other; Chatter & throughout; Rised, cotton, cotton processing enterprises and common, mills profit almost entirely consumed by raw materials, artificial, tax rises, so short-term 2 - docking 3 months & other; Futures yarn & throughout; Orders and no interest, if 5 - Yarn in June to sell the price there is still no improvement, cotton prices & other; High & throughout; , mill will continue to profit & other; Upside down & throughout; , can only choose 30 - production 50% or suspend production. From the point of survey, since April shipment port bonded, far month Pakistan cotton yarn contract imports relatively active, mainly C21S, 32 s high BaoPiao yarn and the C7 - 16 s siro-spun, mainly by China cancelled Pakistan yarn import tariffs, yarn outside dish CNF, CIF quotation & other; Stability & throughout; The stimulation of word pledge, Pakistan's domestic small and medium-sized mills full power to export. On April 24 - 25, Qingdao port India C32S BaoPiao knitting yarn 23000 - quotation 23300 yuan/ton, with the same count yarn quality domestic flat or slightly higher; Vietnam C32S quotation 22800 - a consortium 23000 yuan/ton, yarn 200 - less than India 300 yuan/ton. Traders generally believed that Pakistan yarn imports will replace India yarn, 2019 row after the yarn in Vietnam.
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