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by:Chengyi     2020-07-02
On Friday, China and the United States agree on the first stage of economic agreements text, and the United States has promised to cancel part of the China imposed on imposing tariffs. To the good background in sino-us relations, imported yarn market overall smooth, increase individual yarn order. According to jiangsu and zhejiang provinces and places such as Qingdao trader feedback, since mid-december, coastal areas of imported yarn weaving mill, middlemen, clothing enterprises inquiry, procurement still slants cold, purchasing schedule. Cotton price stability is given priority to, the local cast goods continuously but not market volatility. As of December 19 - Mainstream 20, jiangsu and zhejiang area to import raw cotton OE16S Vietnam woven yuan price 18000 yuan/ton a line; Guangdong market import ordinary Indian JC26S knitting dyeing in the 22000 - yuan price 22200 yuan/ton a line; Hebei shijiazhuang, gao Yang, market imports may C32S woven ( Tax included) The price is in 19500 - About 20000 yuan/ton. However, according to the feedback, the recent import yarn outside dish prices edged up. Vietnam orders increase, India price is still high, Pakistan trade talk. Since this week, Indian prices steadied strong, some traders make shipment price, comb, clinch a deal the better. Local factories C16S $2 quotation. 23 - 2. 25 $/ kg, about 18700 - yuan after tax 18800 yuan/ton, clinch a deal. Traders compact spinning JC32S $2 quotation. $9 / kg, after-tax about 24200 yuan/ton, light volume. Vietnam inquiry atmosphere is good, the factory's comb and cargo air spinning. Local factories C21S $2 quotation. $3 / kg ( BaoPiao) , after-tax 18600 yuan/ton, clinch a deal is fair. Pakistan prices stable is given priority to, few new orders, some traders selling pressure. At present, the siro spinning C10S after-tax about 18100 - renminbi 18300 yuan/ton, clinch a deal. According to the analysis, due to the festival effect, domestic fabric, the fabric factory most holiday ahead of time, demand for raw materials. I know, recently in henan, shandong, hebei, jiang fold some mills to jilt goods, returned the payment in advance, so the port customs clearance, bonded cotton RMB price rise difficulty, especially traders also face years ago drained a need, is expected in the near future port imported yarn sales or maintain delicate give priority to. Feedback according to traders, by the middle of December, Qingdao, guangzhou and other main port, Shanghai port and ningbo port logistics zone, bonded zone import yarn inventory about 80000 tons, more than a week before the change is not big.
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