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Import yarn outside dish clinch a deal the rebound - bearish gradually diluted Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-06-28
In recent days, jiangsu, zhejiang, guangdong and other places reflect cotton import enterprises, such as Pakistan, Vietnam and India origin bonded and & other; Futures yarn & throughout; Inquiry, clinch a deal the continuation low-rising pace of recovery, 8 - in particular 16 s siro-spun and OE yarn ( OE16S, 21 s, 26 s low inventory) ,C21 - 40 s knitting yarn demand also showed signs of low recovery. The personage inside course of study analysis, on the one hand, weaving, clothing and other downstream enterprises after nearly a month products & other; To the inventory & throughout; ( At the same time raw materials reduce or even suspend purchase) , the effect is significant, cotton yarn inventory will began to rebound; On the other hand, recent yarn, yarn in Pakistan and India outside dish the price cut, The price in U. S. dollars) ; With imports of RMB exchange rate to rise sharply again good overlay, stimulate domestic buyers signing enthusiasm back slowly. In addition from the survey, as the G20 summit in Osaka draws near, sino-us trade talks a good indication ( Leaders' meeting, trade negotiators to restart talks) , to $300 billion in imports tariffs is expected to be delayed, so the textile clothing enterprise production, orders, delivery bottomed out. Since June 25, 6 to jiangsu, zhejiang, guangdong main port July shipment OE10S, 16 s and C21S, 32 s Pakistan yarn CNF price $2 / kg, 1. $82 / kg, 2. $62 / kg, 2. $85 / kg; C21S, 32 s India company brand yarn from Pakistan high 0. 03 - 0. 5 $/ kg, Since the collaterals BaoPiao) ; JC21S, 32 s Indian yarn CNF 2 quotation. $77 / kg, 2. $97 / kg. Clinch a deal with combed yarn, OE yarn & other The awaken of spring & throughout; Fade in different, such as India, Vietnam, Indonesia origin high combed yarn, compact spinning inquiry and shipment is still high & other; Chill & throughout; ,. ltd, middlemen cable sample, see goods, take a few of goods. Qingdao traders said in recent days, both inside and outside cotton yarn spreads have narrowed, Outside dish quotation decline, yuan upgrade) Import yarn count, 32 s and below than domestic yarn ( Cotton assorting mainly national cotton reserves, ChanMian) On the strength and dyeing evenness, neps and hairiness index on advantages by domestic buyers more and more attention.
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